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about 1 month ago

Changelog 77: Shop Update + New Plugins!

Updates and New Features:

  • We are working on fixing the Dragon Egg plugin.
    • The old plugin worked up until 1.20.1, and the original author discontinued it.
  • SHOPS: To reflect the current amount of Nisk in circulation, we have decided to adjust prices at the spawn shop. 
    • No changes have been made to the exchange rates.
    • Music Discs: Come get your limited edition copy of TJ-Freshy's "Baby" cover! Each disc and its accompanying book (you can have TJ-Freshy sign it w/ a message!) are sold at the Music Shop for 32 diamond blocks (Nisk). Only 50 copies are ...
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about 1 month ago

Changelog 76: End Dimension Revamp!

Updates and New Features:

  • END DIMENSION HAS BEEN UPDATED! We are now using the NullScape End datapack for additional biomes/loot in the End!
    • Regular end cities and their loot remain unchanged, so you can still explore those.
  • Rentable player shop stands have been REOPENED at spawn! Check them out behind the regular shop (North Exit, go toward the dock)
    • I might add extra stands on the docks depending on the availability of current stands.
  • Changed Admin and Mod rank tags in the resource pack. Also modified glow to make it look better.
    • More emojis...
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Changelog 75: Shop Stands Reopened!

Updates and New Features:

  • Rentable player shop stands have been REOPENED at spawn! Check them out behind the regular shop (North Exit, go toward the dock)
    • Instructions on how to obtain/rent a stand are found in the book by the tree.
    • Added a periodic announcement to promote player stands.
  • 1.20.4 Update: Regarding the update, players have reported chat/lagback issues joining on 1.20.1/2. This will not be fixed for the time being, and we recommend using the latest version to avoid such problems.
    • As always, do not abuse any bugs! Report possible abuse if ...
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Changelog 74: Updates Over the Past 3 Weeks

Updates and New Features:

  • We apologize for the extended periods of downtime this past month. :( These issues stem from several causes, including faulty network equipment and plugins, and we have taken multiple steps to minimize this over the weekend. While the server is currently up and running, we are still in the testing phase. Therefore, maximum performance is not guaranteed and you may still experience periodic lag spikes. Thank you for your understanding.
    • AntiVPN plugin has been updated to increase sensitivity. Remember, VPNs/proxies and generated alternate accounts (i.e. EasyMC) are NOT
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Changelog 73: New Year, New Server

[Website sync test]

Updates and New Features:

  • New spawn is now in place! Thanks to all our Builders who worked hard over the past few months to bring it to you!
  • Combat management plugin changed to improve user-friendliness (mainly for staff). Most settings from the old plugin were carried over.
    • Fixed item pickup PvP protection bypass. If your invulnerability timer is still running, you will NOT be able to pick up items from the floor.
    • Fixed combat timer bug. Even after killing your last opponent, your timer should stay active until it runs out (when you are no longer in combat for 20s).
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