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Changelog 74
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3 months ago

Changelog 74: Updates Over the Past 3 Weeks

Updates and New Features:

  • We apologize for the extended periods of downtime this past month. :( These issues stem from several causes, including faulty network equipment and plugins, and we have taken multiple steps to minimize this over the weekend. While the server is currently up and running, we are still in the testing phase. Therefore, maximum performance is not guaranteed and you may still experience periodic lag spikes. Thank you for your understanding.
    • AntiVPN plugin has been updated to increase sensitivity. Remember, VPNs/proxies and generated alternate accounts (i.e. EasyMC) are NOT allowed on the server, and you may be banned and/or blacklisted from the server if we suspect abuse with them!
  • 1.20.4 Update: Earlier today, the server was updated to MC 1.20.4. You may still join with 1.19.4+, but keep in mind that 1.19.4 support will be deprecated very soon.
    • As a result of the update, plugins were checked, updated, and optimized.
  • Ranks (Netherite Subscribers): Please check #supporter on our Discord regarding your subscription extension.



  • The combat plugin has been temporarily disabled due to a few issues with lag on 1.20.4. For the time being, you will instantly die upon combat log! 
    • Expect the plugin to return within the next week or so.
  • Redundant and/or unused plugins have been removed to improve performance. No one is really affected by this tho

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