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Changelog 76
Al240 Owner Forum Manager Member
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3 months ago

Changelog 76: End Dimension Revamp!

Updates and New Features:

  • END DIMENSION HAS BEEN UPDATED! We are now using the NullScape End datapack for additional biomes/loot in the End!
    • Regular end cities and their loot remain unchanged, so you can still explore those.
  • Rentable player shop stands have been REOPENED at spawn! Check them out behind the regular shop (North Exit, go toward the dock)
    • I might add extra stands on the docks depending on the availability of current stands.
  • Changed Admin and Mod rank tags in the resource pack. Also modified glow to make it look better.
    • More emojis will be added soon!
  • We are still accepting and reading staff applications, so head over to https://voicechatmc.net/apply-staff/ to apply!
    • Must be at least 15 years of age by the time you apply. Years are counted from 12:00AM of your birth date.
    • Must have a working microphone, as well as a Discord account (main mode of communication for staff).
    • Highly Recommended: At least 6 weeks on VoiceChatMC.
  • Updated /rules to reflect certain rule changes made earlier this year.
  • Claim shovel from /kit Claim now includes lore with basic usage instructions.



  • Chunks unmodified since August 31, 2023, have been purged during the End reset last week.
    • We will continue removing chunks older than (unmodified for) 6 months/180 days to save disk space.

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