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Changelog 77
Al240 Owner Forum Manager Member
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2 months ago

Changelog 77: Shop Update + New Plugins!

Updates and New Features:

  • We are working on fixing the Dragon Egg plugin.
    • The old plugin worked up until 1.20.1, and the original author discontinued it.
  • SHOPS: To reflect the current amount of Nisk in circulation, we have decided to adjust prices at the spawn shop. 
    • No changes have been made to the exchange rates.
    • Music Discs: Come get your limited edition copy of TJ-Freshy's "Baby" cover! Each disc and its accompanying book (you can have TJ-Freshy sign it w/ a message!) are sold at the Music Shop for 32 diamond blocks (Nisk). Only 50 copies are available for sale.
  • Voice Chat plugin (Simple Voice Chat) has been updated to version 2.5.7. Please download the latest version here or here to continue using proximity VC.
    • More emojis will be added soon!
  • We are still accepting and reading staff applications, so head over to https://voicechatmc.net/apply-staff/ to apply!
    • Must be at least 15 years of age by the time you apply. Years are counted from 12:00AM of your birth date.
    • Must have a working microphone, as well as a Discord account (main mode of communication for staff).
    • Highly Recommended: At least 6 weeks on VoiceChatMC.
  • Updated rules to clarify a couple points (mainly EasyPlace and Printer in Litematica).
  • 4th Anniversary Event: Rescheduled to March 29th, same time. Details on the minigames and prizes are in #announcements on Discord!
    • Join for free Nisks, tools, armor, and even permanent ranks!
    • Building competition will be open until March 25th!
  • STORE SALE ends at 12:00AM on March 28th. Head on over to our store page for cheap ranks (cosmetics) and glows!



  • With a new plugin, you will no longer be restricted to the default 40 levels for enchants! Feel free to rename that maxed sword for 69 levels or whatever.
  • Certain items (redstone torch, tripwire hook, and ender pearls) have been removed from the shop.
  • Chunks unmodified since September 30, 2023, will be purged during the End reset next week.
    • We will continue removing chunks older than (unmodified for) 6 months/180 days to save disk space.

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