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Changelog 73
Al240 Owner Forum Manager Member
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5 months ago

Changelog 73: New Year, New Server

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Updates and New Features:

  • New spawn is now in place! Thanks to all our Builders who worked hard over the past few months to bring it to you!
  • Combat management plugin changed to improve user-friendliness (mainly for staff). Most settings from the old plugin were carried over.
    • Fixed item pickup PvP protection bypass. If your invulnerability timer is still running, you will NOT be able to pick up items from the floor.
    • Fixed combat timer bug. Even after killing your last opponent, your timer should stay active until it runs out (when you are no longer in combat for 20s).
  • With a better server machine, the natural mob spawning should increase by about 10% (based on how the plugin was configured on the laggy server).
  • New plugin added to prevent glitching outside the world border using pearls/teleportation.
    • WARNING: If you still manage to glitch past the border, you will immediately take damage and die.
  • Snazz Pass timer bug fixed. Rank rewards should now be available at 12:00AM server time (US CST).
  • Small server texture pack updates (Admin and Owner tag updated).
  • 1.20.4 update paused: Due to a few issues before the end of the year (including plugin incompatibility), the server update will be delayed to sometime later this week. I will post another announcement before updating.



  • The dolphin combat log entity removed due to held item dupe glitch. A temporary mob will now take its place.
  • Moderators no longer have creative or WorldEdit access, so they are unable to move your builds without Admin presence/approval!
  • RULES: Spawn-killing is no longer punishable under VCMC rules. With the teleport and home invulnerability timer set to 15 seconds, you can easily teleport to another safe location and wait for players to leave your spawn point (or you can request staff to teleport them out).

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