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Changelog 78
Al240 Owner Forum Manager Member
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about 1 month ago

Changelog 78: Another Shop Update + Plugin Fixes!

Updates and New Features:

  • SHOPS: To reflect the current amount of Nisk in circulation, we have decided to adjust prices at the spawn shop (again). 
  • Voice Chat plugin (Simple Voice Chat) has been updated to version 2.5.12. Please download the latest version here or here to continue using proximity VC.
  • Permanent Netherite was added back after disappearing from the store for a few weeks.
  • Combat log dolphin is back!
    • Please report any bugs with the NPC. If you take advantage of them without reporting (i.e. bugging into bases, duping items, etc.), you will be punished accordingly.
  • 1.20.5 Update: At this time, we are not updating the server version to 1.20.5. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for plugins to update before we reconsider.
    • We will allow 1.20.5 clients to join the server very soon!
  • You will now respawn instantly upon death. This fix was applied to patch the 10s respawn protection bypass.
  • Anticheat checks were reworked to reduce false flags (mostly from lag).
  • Mob spawning rates were adjusted slightly due to the recent spawner per chunk increase (4 -> 6).



  • Iron and gold trade into Nisk were removed due to inflation calculations.
    • You can still trade Nisk for those minerals
    • Gold removal may be temporary. I am still doing calculations to work out the rates.
  • With a new plugin, you will no longer be restricted to the default 40 levels for enchants! Feel free to rename that maxed sword for 69 levels or whatever.
    • This was not working for a few weeks but I fixed it
  • Chunks unmodified since October 30, 2023, will be purged during the End reset next week.
    • We will continue removing chunks older than (unmodified for) 6 months/180 days to save disk space.