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Changelog 75
Al240 Owner Forum Manager Member
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3 months ago

Changelog 75: Shop Stands Reopened!

Updates and New Features:

  • Rentable player shop stands have been REOPENED at spawn! Check them out behind the regular shop (North Exit, go toward the dock)
    • Instructions on how to obtain/rent a stand are found in the book by the tree.
    • Added a periodic announcement to promote player stands.
  • 1.20.4 Update: Regarding the update, players have reported chat/lagback issues joining on 1.20.1/2. This will not be fixed for the time being, and we recommend using the latest version to avoid such problems.
    • As always, do not abuse any bugs! Report possible abuse if you see/know about it.
  • Voter Rewards: Special rewards have been added for each milestone!
    • Rewards are obtained once at 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10000 votes.
    • Find out what they are by doing /vote and voting :D
  • We have resumed reading and replying to staff applications! Apps are still open, so head over to https://voicechatmc.net/apply-staff/ to apply!
    • Must be at least 15 years of age by the time you apply. Years are counted from 12:00AM of your birth date.
    • Must have a working microphone, as well as a Discord account (main mode of communication for staff).
    • Highly Recommended: At least 6 weeks on VoiceChatMC
  • Spawn exit holograms (North/South/East/West) have been updated to reflect changes since March 2023.
  • New players now automatically receive the Starter Kit.
  • Added new Sr. Mod tag to the resource pack.
  • Remember, the next chunk purge will occur on March 1st, 10pm server time (along with the End reset)! We will continue removing chunks older than (unmodified for) 6 months/180 days to save disk space.



  • The combat plugin is back, but combatlog entity has been temporarily disabled due to a few bugs on 1.20.4.
    • For the time being, you will instantly die upon combat log!